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To provide the City of Summit, in partnership with the Department of Community Programs, a full range of basketball opportunities for all Summit residents from grades 3-8, including an In Town League from grades 3-8 and a Travel Program from grades 5-8. To offer all interested basketball players from 3rd through 8th grade a competitive yet educational environment to develop their basketball skills.  The In Town League will offer participants both practice time and clinics along with a competitive team-oriented season.  The Travel Program will offer 5th through 8th grade Summit basketball players with more highly developed skills the opportunity to play against higher level competition in a multi-town league.  The required practice and skill development demands for these players will be greater than those for the In Town League.  The level of commitment demanded from these players will also be higher-commensurate with the demands of the Travel Program.  The organization will provide financial aid to any participants unable to afford the registration fees.  Furthermore, the organization will be structured to seek and receive public donations and private sponsorships to enhance our efforts and to assist the DCP in developing additional basketball infrastructure.