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This week!
by posted 11/18/2019

Hi everyone!


I'm sorry for the influx of texts to you this morning but I uploaded the next few weeks of practices on to the website.


For this week, we have the following practices:


Tuesday, November 19th- 6p-7;30p at the High School Aux gym

Friday, November 22nd- 7:30pm-9pm at the High School Aux gym


Four of our players start Middle School practices today (go get 'em) which are every day after school so we will be managing them at our practices so they don't overdo it so if they don't run the sprints at the end of practice (as an example), please understand that they are playing alot of basketball and we are trying to manage them. Any questions on that please let me know.


We will be learning plays this week and I will have the girls text the Wheel play to the whole team today. The Wheel is what Tom Kenny and the High School team use (which was ironically taken from my Villanova coach). I want to get us in sync with what the high school does so they are well prepared in a couple of years (we may simplify some of it for our purposes though.).  The tall girls start at the top and pick down for the guards and then the wheel starts. They should follow a couple of girls to see the flow. We will go over it extensively tomorrow night.


OK we'll see everyone tomorrow night.  We will most likely do the parents meeting next Tuesday night after practice. I will bring Turkey cupcakes for the girls while we talk.


Thank you-




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Practice last night and homework
by posted 11/13/2019

Hi everyone-

We had a great practice last night. It’s a great group and the girls were very engaged in everything we were doing. They may be a bit sore today because we did a lot of defensive stance drills and they ran a lot so please encourage them to stretch and drink plenty of water. We also gave them a homework assignment to lay on the ground and throw a ball in the air with one hand to mimic shooting. We told them to do it in an open space but please send all broken lamp, tchotchke bills to 257 Oak Ridge Ave. 🤣

Have a great rest of the week and I’ll see them all Friday. 

Go Hilltoppers!



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by posted 11/12/2019



I'm looking forward to seeing all of the girls tonight....make sure they bring a water bottle with them!


A couple notes:


*Tonight's practice will end at 9:15pm....it will get the girls home a bit earlier on this cold school night

*I inadvertently put Tuesday, November 18th on my first email for a practice.....it is Tuesday, November 19th - 6 pm-7:30 at the High School Aux gym...


Thank you-


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